Steinway & Sons

The Steinway & Sons name has been synonymous with the finest pianos since 1853. A high level of traditional craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail, and premium grade materials used are attributes of every instrument hand crafted in New York and Hamburg.

Did you know that a Steinway grand piano consists of more than 12,000 single pieces and that handcrafting a Steinway requires up to one full year? More than 1,400 concert pianists worldwide prefer the Steinway and for the private music lover, too, the purchase of a Steinway is the fulfilment of a long lasting dream.

Grand Pianos

Our range of models consists of seven grand pianos in different lengths and finishes. From the baby grand of 1.55m (5'1") to the concert grand with a length of 2.74m (8'11¾").

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Upright Pianos

The Steinway & Sons upright pianos offer the same quality standards as the Steinway grands. You can choose between two models/four models in different finishes.

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Limited Edition Pianos

Steinway & Sons has always commemorated special events by creating extraordinary instruments. These limited editions were also created by well-known designers who have never previously had any role in the making of grand pianos, let alone in their design...

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Special Collection Pianos

Your Steinway can be the perfect expression of you. Whether that means a more subtle change such as the all silver hardware of the Sterling Steinway, or a more eye-catching statement such as a Red Pops Steinway, we invite you to find a Special Collections Steinway piano that best suits your home and your style.

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